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Sometimes I wish I had a thousand lives and that I would get to remember each of them. I would be a painter, a sculptor, a writer, a photographer, a metalsmith and so on and so forth. Being at the Metropolitan Museum, I forgot what it’s like to be overly stimulated and inspired. I just want to go make things. I am lucky though that I get to filter many experiences into jewelry. Hopefully it makes the wearer feel extra special and inspires them to shine even brighter...⭐️ This necklace was inspired by Matisse's "Odalisque" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The lush vintage blue beaded necklace can be worn long but I prefer it doubled and shorter as shown. It is joined with a seductively aged 1930's paste buckle, 1940's carved bakelite buckle and silver heart to create a piece of wearable art. The colors are so beyond that it just makes me happy in so many ways. I hope it does you too! Also fyi, don't wear if you don't like strangers talking to you. This one is guaranteed to begin many conversations...

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